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Management Experience -

Critical Infrastructure is our DNA

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Our Experience is Global

SPS management have a combined 100+ years experience, including C-Suite experience growing multinational power electronics companies from $5M to $100M+

  • SPS has designed and deployed

  • 2GW / 4GWh of energy storage

  • 1.2GWdc Solar PV

  • 6GW of UPS

Designed India’s  1st generation of LFP-based scalable nano grid in tower solution, with 1.5GWh already rolled out for 4G Telco network.


Our experience is global, deploying projects across
  • India
  • China
  • South-East Asia
  • Middle East
  • Europe,
  • North
  • Latin America.
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Extensive Design Experience


Diverse Application Experiences

  • Expertise in AC & DC Power, Ni-Cd, VRLA, Ni-MH and LFP cells.

  • Control & monitoring, integrated energy  and network management systems for critical infrastructure.

  • Energy storage designed as resilient critical infrastructure for a wide variety of extreme climates including arctic, desert, monsoon and Himalayan climates.


  • Nano / micro / mini-grid & utility-based electricity networks.

  • Nuclear, hydro and renewables generation.

  • Transmission & distribution support.

  • Oil & gas on/off-shore support.

  • Transportation.

  • Data centers and telecom.

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